Submitcom came about from a need for some honest talk and straight up reliable hosting. To many companies today still practice the old way of touting they have unlimited everything. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited reseller hosting and a one time low low price. truth is 99.9% of those offering you low prices and unlimited goodies resell for one of the largest companies on the net.

On the other hand we fit into that very small .1% that don’t belong to the BIG company. What we do is tell you the truth about what you get and why there is no such thing as unlimited everything. So it is time for some Truth and less Fiction:

Web Hosting Reseller Accounts….Unlimited disk space and bandwidth


A Cautionary Word about “unlimited” or “unmetered” accounts. THERE IS NO SUCH ANIMAL. PERIOD. No system exists with unlimited capacity. All systems are finite. Before choosing to invest in an “unlimited” or “unmetered” account, we think you should be aware that the entity “providing” that account to you is gambling…..with your wallet. Since all systems have a finite capacity, some larger some smaller, a provider who obligates that capacity based on a “guess” that you and John and Jane, and Herman and Monica will not exceed that capacity runs a real chance of guessing wrong. If Herman and Monica exceed the mythical “x%” of capacity that the provider assumes they will use, the system crashes. And that means that you, John and Jane are now without the service you paid for. And so are your clients, who were depending on you to deliver the promised capacity. Not only is your business at stake, so are the business interests of your clients. And some of them MAY decide to seek legal redress…against YOU. Unlimited and Unmetered would depend on how Deep your Pockets are.

Folks above is what you have been buying for years. Ever wonder why at times your site loads slow or intermittently doesn’t pull up? Bet when you emailed tech support, everything on their end looked good….Mmm must be a load on your internet provider causing the problem.

Folks if we can’t do it we will tell you. We would rather have you walk away informed then sell you on a hollow promise or fill your eyes with dollar signs so we can pay OUR Bills. You deserve more then what you have been getting.